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Fleet Maintenance Coordinator - Laverton North, VIC

TR Group is a growing business in Australia and New Zealand, with 14 branches across the two countries we specialise in all things heavy gear, and as we grow in Australia, we need to add new team members to our Business.

Started in 1992, TR Group sure knows Trucks and Trailers and the road transport industry. We are looking for a passionate person to join our team in Laverton, VIC.

The Maintenance Coordinator role is crucial as the role is responsible for our largest manageable cost. Maintenance Coordinators need to ensure our fleet is performing at its optimum, both reliability and reducing downtime by maintaining high quality and mutually beneficial supplier relationships, all the while ensuring excellent internal & external communication is maintained.

Key Responsibilities

  • To manage the fleet maintenance program in a way that maximizes internal and external customer satisfaction, while minimizing R&M and admin costs.
  • Develop and maintain excellent relationships with external and internal customers, suppliers and others. This includes strong communication, functional updates and trusted relationships are built. Customer expectations are maintained and often exceeded! TR standards are your standards.
  • Actively manage their assigned region of responsibility, including structured supplier performance meetings.
  • Assist with the development of company maintenance policies.
  • Proactively manage the maintenance costs within agreed policies. Monitor key cost and performance areas and report as required.
  • Identify areas of potential and discuss with Maintenance Manager and other staff.
  • Assist rental staff with servicing issues and process to ensure maintenance objectives are achieved with rental fleet.
  • Ensure that vehicle safety is maintained and not compromised under any circumstance, by taking a proactive and preventative approach.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the condition of the vehicle returned from long term lease arrangements. Liaise with stakeholders regarding required work and arranging such work to be carried out.
  • Assist with administration of the R&M function for the nominated area of responsibility.
  • To oversee & manage approval of invoices relating to vehicle maintenance and servicing. This includes checking warrantees, matching costs to invoice and quality. Continuously monitor the annual expenditure - keeping an eye on what we are spending, and finding out of the box solutions when needed.
  • To resolve disputes relating to maintenance with a win/win result, with quality being at the forefront.

Key Skills

  • To have a good level of computer keyboard skills.
  • To have a competent technical background relating to the repairs and operation of heavy vehicles.
  • To have good interpersonal skills with the ability to interact as part of a team.
  • To have an analytical mind and ability to identify problems and offer quality solutions.

Working with TR means that you are dedicated to your own development, and we will help you every step of the way. Growing professionally and personally is as much of the job, as the tasks at hand.

But what do you get out of working with TR Group?

We are a team, and we are a family. We look after each other in the good times, and the tough times. Our values speak to who each and every one of us are, and we don't have to have the words on the wall to prove it. TR Group is so much more than a business, we make a lasting imprint on each other and the community we live in. We are dedicated to personal growth of our team, whether that's new ways of thinking, doing or simply getting out of the everyday to work on yourself. You can expect to learn and develop both personally and professionally, and we believe that the better person you are at home, is the better person that comes to work. It’s not just a job.

If you want to know a little more about us, check us out here:

Applications close 17 December 2021
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