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A TRuly Unique Business

Our goal is to become world's best at renting and leasing trucks and trailers. With branches in both Australia and New Zealand, we can say that we’re headed in the right direction – and we need people like you to drive us there.


One thing we don’t compromise on is the feel and culture at TR Group. We like to think there’s a little bit of magic when you walk in our doors. We are humble, engaged, innovative, caring and customer-focused, and we work hard to keep it that way.


You’ll find that we are keen learners. We promise you that TR will give you every opportunity to learn and grow – all you need to do is reach out and grab the keys!

Continuous improvement

Just because it works today, doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. We are constantly looking for ways to improve on what we have – we look to work smarter not harder! We strive to improve ourselves, our work and also our customer's lives daily by taking care of the little things (and big things too).

Extraordinary results

Good things take time, and we’re looking to be here for a while! We focus on the how, the why and the who. With that in mind, we find that with the right inputs, the results take care of themselves.

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